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New To HotShop

New To HotShop


Is it your first time to Hot Yoga or Spin? Don’t worry, we all remember our first class too. Here are some FAQ’s to help with your first visit.

So…. I am a little intimidated.
Yogis: We completely understand! However, one of the first things you will learn about yoga is that it isn’t a competition. No one is better than anyone else. There is no perfect. Yoga is all about bettering your own personal practice, regardless of where you start. No one is judging you, everyone started in the same place you are in and your fellow yogis are there for you!

Spinners: Don’t be silly! Spin is supposed to be fun! The room has loud music, funky lights and an energetic fun teacher. The only race that exists is the one within you. Everyone in the room started exactly where you started. Just have fun and don’t worry we promise that the seat becomes more exciting after your first couple of visits!

What if I can’t handle it?
Yogis: Don’t worry; most people’s first hot yoga class is difficult. It is completely normal to take a break mid class. If you need a moment, it is fine to sit out a pose or two and collect yourself. If you do need to leave the room for a few minutes, make sure to give the instructor a quick ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ so they know you are ok. Your instructor will explain these points again at the beginning of the class.

Spinners: Many find their first spin class a little difficult. You have full control of the tension of the bike and in turn on how hard you go. If you need to take a break please do, just always remember to keep your legs moving to bring your heart rate down slowly. If you do need to leave the room for a few minutes, make sure to remove your shoes in the spin room (they turn into skates on the tiles!) and give your instructor a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ so that they know that you are okay.

What do I need to bring?
Yogis: You will need to bring a yoga mat, towel, and a water bottle. Don’t have them? No problem. We rent mats and towels for $2 each, and sell cold bottled water for $2. If you bring your own water bottle, all of the taps in our studios dispense filtered water.

Spinners:  All you need is water and spin shoes equipped with look keo cleats. Sorry! SPD compatible shoes or regular sneakers do not work for our bikes. Don’t have them? No problem. We rent giro spin shoes for $2 and sell cold bottled water for $2. We provide complementary hand towels if you forget yours and rent large size towels for $2. If you bring your own water bottle, we have a bottle filling station that dispenses filtered water.

What should I wear?
Yogis: Dress light. Remember, the room is between 35 - 40°C with 50% humidity. Most people find that shorts and a light t-shirt/tank top are ideal. Some of our female guests choose to wear a sports bra, while some male guests will take their shirts off. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in while remembering how warm the room gets. Bottom line, you are going to sweat! Bring a change of clothes. Our studios have change rooms with showers for after your class.

Spinners: Like yoga you should dress light. You are going to work hard and get sweaty. Many people find that shorts/tights and a light t-shirt/tank top are best. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. If you are renting shoes please remember to bring socks! Bring a change of clothes. Our studios have lots of space in the change rooms and showers for after your class.

What class should I sign up for?
Yogis: You should try to avoid power and most flow style classes. Instead, try to stick with Yin, Yin/Yang, or 26 hot. We also offer Intro classes twice a month called Yoga 101 for our first time yogis.

Spinners: All of our spin classes are suitable for all levels. The instructor has no control over how hard you push. It is totally up to you how hard you want to push!

What do I do when I arrive?
Try to arrive early, especially for your first class. We suggest arriving 15-20 minutes before the class starts. When you arrive, take off your shoes and head to the front desk. We offer a special one month unlimited pass to first time visitors for only $45, or if you prefer you can purchase a single class for $21. You will also have to fill out a quick waiver. Let your instructor know if you have any injuries or health issues they should be aware of.

Yogis: Once you have checked in to class, head to the change room and get changed. After you get changed, you can go in to the studio and find a place for your mat. Many of our guests like to sit or lay down on their mat to get acclimatized to the room until class starts. When you are in the room, please do your best not to talk. We also ask that you leave your cell phone in the change room.

Spinners: Once you have checked into class, head to the change room and get changed. The tile turns into a skating rink with the spin shoes so for your safety, lets keep them off until you choose a bike! We ask that you please leave your cell phones in the change room. Once in the spin room, find a bike that you like, the instructor may ask that you choose the first two rows if it is a smaller class. For your first time PLEASE let your instructor help you to find the perfect bike set up! If you have trouble remembering this we have bike set up stickers for $2 to stick to your water bottle so you never forget! Out of respect for your fellow spinners we ask that we keep the chatter in the room to a minimum. Once you are all set up and feel good on the bike, clip in and enjoy the ride!

Any other pointers?
Make sure you drink lots of water during the day before your class. The room is hot, and you want to make sure you are well hydrated. You should also avoid heavy foods 2-3 hours before the class.

Most of all, spin and yoga are FUN! So enjoy the ride!

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