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Our doors open 30 minutes before class. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early for your class. This gives you time to get set up on the bike or grounded on your mat! If you arrive less than 10 minutes before class, even if you have signed up online, your spot will be given away to a walk in student! Late arrivals will not be admitted into a class that has already started! If you are unable to attend the full class we ask that you find another class where you can stay for the whole thing!


As much as we would love you to make it we know that life can get in the way! Please make sure that you cancel at least three hours before your class starts. This will prevent you from being charged for the visit! If you have a class pass and have not cancelled before the 3 hour window a class will be deducted from your account. If you have a unlimited pass you will be charged $15 if you do not cancel before the three hour window.

Soft Voices

As much as we LOVE your energy and enthusiasm after a fun spin class or seeing old friends for a sweat date.Please be mindful of our yogis and their practice by using soft voices in the halls.

Stay Together

Do your very best to stay in the room, whether it be spin or yoga. If you do need a time out take it! If it is necessary to leave please give your instructor a thumbs up or thumbs down so they know you are okay!


Make sure you are drinking your water before, after and during! We don't you getting dizzy so drink up!


Please remove outdoor footwear at the front door. Spin shoes are only to be worn in the spin room; they are very slippery on the tiles!

Distracting Chatter

Please refrain from talking during your class! This counts for spin and yoga! This is your time to focus and work hard it is the same for other students in your class, talking is distracting you from what you came to achieve!

Personal Belongings

We do know how hard it can be to part with our phones and belongings! Use the studios as a break from the outside world and please leave valuables at home and everything else in the change rooms!

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