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HotShop Class Types

Class Types


Hot Hips

This juicy flow is designed to open and stretch your hips! Our hips harbor both tension and emotions, so these guys are literally the junk drawers of our lives! This hip opening class will get everything moving out so that you can release tension, back pain and feel full of space and mobility! Warning: Opening your hips may cause an increase in happiness.

Freestyle Flow

A little grow with the flow anyone? This dynamic class is designed to be purely authentic, funky and unpredictable! Every class will be a little different than the last- so leave your expectations and hesitations at the door and be prepared to move, explore and create some endless magic on your mat!

Power Flow

Influenced by Baron Baptiste’s Journey into Power, Power flow is an invigorating and challenging class that will strengthen both your mind and body. This Vinyasa class focuses on stabilizing the core, building strength and increasing flexibility. Each movement will be synced to a breath, creating a fluid mediation in motion and a challenging practice! Power Flow is not a set sequence, giving the instructors freedom to be creative.

Core Power

Our Core is our center for personal power, come get acquainted with yours! Core power is a challenging vinyasa (flow) class focusing on all areas of the core. This class will get your heart rate going and ignite your inner fire through core focused balancing and movement.

Yoga Sculpt

Power flow just got hotter! Mix up the usual vinyasa flow with the addition of hand weights! This class is not only challenging, but we think you might even have some (or a lot of) fun in the process ;)


Combining the serenity of traditional Sivananda yoga, which consists of breath work, mantra, inversions, twists, balancing and more, all interspersed by short periods of rest with our studios heated yoga environment Siva Hot offers a beautiful opportunity to connect more deeply with your breath and body while experiencing the benefits of strength, flexibility and detoxification.


Yin yoga, is designed to create space within the body holding asanas (yoga postures) for longer periods of time allowing the body to relax, surrender and open. This class consists of passive floor postures held for 1-5 minutes. Holding these postures for longer periods of time gives the muscles time to relax so that the connective tissues can begin to open.


Out with the old! In with the new! This invigorating flow is designed to target all of the internal detox organs so that you can cleanse both the body and the mind! Move through deep twists and prepare to flush out toxins through breath and movement!


This class offers the balancing affects of yang style and yin style yoga. Yang yoga is active and powerful. Yin is passive, restorative and relaxed. The first half of the class is a dynamic flow sequence consisting of standing and balancing postures or the yang part of class. The second half of the class focuses on the long, slow stretches or the yin.

26 Hot

A series of 26 postures practiced in sequence in a room heated to 105 degrees that are designed to warm, stretch and strengthen your entire body. Each pose is performed twice in this traditional sequence for maximum benefits. 26 Hot is designed to open your heart, strengthen your spine, stimulate your internal organs and detoxify your entire system.

Spin & Yin

The PERFECT combination. You will spend half of the class in the spin room with loud beats and raised heart rates and after move over to the yoga room for pure bliss for the last half of the class! Many spinners have very tight muscles and yin is answer to this. Your muscles are craving it! Not into yoga? This is the perfect intro into it. Yin is a slow practice that works on getting deep down into your connective tissues, something we ignore often. It is a relaxing end to an invigorating spin class!

Spin & Flow

Want to add a little more challenge to your combo class? Spin&Flow is for you! You will spend the first half of the class having a party in the spin room before you move over to the spin room for an invigorating flow. During the flow portion we connect breath with movement as we move through the postures!


This heart awakening ride will bring you a new appreciation for spinning and will speak to your mind, body and soul. Challenging your aerobic and anaerobic threshold through interval training - each class is an opportunity to grow and meet new amazing people in our community. For an added bonus we include a light upper body workout with the use of hand weights! Perfect for any fitness enthusiast whether you are a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro.

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