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Lindsay Papousek

Lindsay Papousek instructs the following:
  • Spin & Yin
  • The PERFECT combination. You will spend half of the class in the spin room with loud beats and raised heart rates and after move over to the yoga room for pure bliss for the last half of the class! Many spinners have very tight muscles and yin is answer to this. Your muscles are craving it! Not into yoga? This is the perfect intro into it. Yin is a slow practice that works on getting deep down into your connective tissues, something we ignore often. It is a relaxing end to an invigorating spin class!

  • Spin
  • This heart awakening ride will bring you a new appreciation for spinning and will speak to your mind, body and soul. Challenging your aerobic and anaerobic threshold through interval training - each class is an opportunity to grow and meet new amazing people in our community. For an added bonus we include a light upper body workout with the use of hand weights! Perfect for any fitness enthusiast whether you are a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro.

  • Spin & Core
  • Bring on the heat! Spin & Core is the perfect combination class for everyone looking to spice up their workout routine and target their cores. Spend the first half of class on the bike bringing up your heart rate and working on your cardio- then move into the hot room & get ready to continue the burn! Second half of class is a 30-minute series on your mat dedicated to firing up and strengthening your core. Expect to be challenged and leave feeling strong, sweaty and ready for the rest of your day!

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