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Caitlin Smith

Caitlin Smith instructs the following:
  • Fresh Flow - A Free Class for the Community!
  • We love our HotShop community and we want you to be a part of it! Our community class welcomes all levels of yoga! Whether you’re new to the studio or a regular yogi, come check out HotShop’s freshest talent!
    This class allows you to experience a new member of our teaching family at no cost!

  • Yin/Yang
  • This class offers the balancing affects of yang style and yin style yoga. Yang yoga is active and powerful. Yin is passive, restorative and relaxed. The first half of the class is a dynamic flow sequence consisting of standing and balancing postures or the yang part of class. The second half of the class focuses on the long, slow stretches or the yin.

  • FreeStyle Flow
  • A little grow with the flow anyone? This dynamic class is designed to be purely authentic, funky and unpredictable! Every class will be a little different than the last- so leave your expectations and hesitations at the door and be prepared to move, explore and create some endless magic on your mat!

  • Hot Hips
  • This juicy flow is designed to open and stretch your hips! Our hips harbor both tension and emotions, so these guys are literally the junk drawers of our lives! This hip opening class will get everything moving out so that you can release tension, back pain and feel full of space and mobility! Warning: Opening your hips may cause an increase in happiness.

  • Freestyle Flow
  • A sequence designed to move & flow. It is somewhat less definable than others as it embodies a continuous and dynamic evolution of the practice. Always something a little different than last time this class places the body, breath and mind in a constant flow.

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