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Jessica Hanak

Jessica Hanak instructs the following:
  • FreestyleFlow
  • A little grow with the flow anyone? This dynamic class is designed to be purely authentic, funky and unpredictable! Every class will be a little different than the last- so leave your expectations and hesitations at the door and be prepared to move, explore and create some endless magic on your mat!

  • Hot Hips
  • A dynamic, powerful class designed to open the hips. Hips are typically the tightest areas of the body and take time to open. Tight hips cause many issues in the entire body. The hips are where negative emotions, such as stress, fear, and sadness are energetically held. Supple hips can ease back pain, give you a more agile gait, and may improve circulation in your legs.

  • Poolside Yoga at Hotel Arts
  • Hotel Arts and HotShop Yoga invite you to downward dog in style at our urban oasis every Saturday and Sunday morning.
    Rejuvenate al fresco surrounded by the clear pool waters, fresh air and sunshine for a refreshing start to your day.
    HotShop students can sign up online with their passes or memberships prior to arrival or upon check in.
    This morning flow class accommodates all levels.

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