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Simone Zabik

Simone Zabik instructs the following:
  • Yin
  • Yin yoga, is designed to create space within the body holding asanas (yoga postures) for longer periods of time allowing the body to relax, surrender and open. This class consists of passive floor postures held for 1-5 minutes. Holding these postures for longer periods of time gives the muscles time to relax so that the connective tissues can begin to open.

  • FreeStyle Flow
  • A little grow with the flow anyone? This dynamic class is designed to be purely authentic, funky and unpredictable! Every class will be a little different than the last- so leave your expectations and hesitations at the door and be prepared to move, explore and create some endless magic on your mat!

  • 26 Hot
  • A series of 26 postures practiced in sequence in a room heated to 105 degrees that are designed to warm, stretch and strengthen your entire body. Each pose is performed twice in this traditional sequence for maximum benefits. 26 Hot is designed to open your heart, strengthen your spine, stimulate your internal organs and detoxify your entire system.

  • 26 Hot

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