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Megan Merriam

Megan Merriam instructs the following:
  • Freestyle Flow
  • A sequence designed to move & flow. It is somewhat less definable than others as it embodies a continuous and dynamic evolution of the practice. Always something a little different than last time this class places the body, breath and mind in a constant flow.

  • Yoga Teacher Training Info // Meet the Trainers Night!
  • Meet yoga teacher trainer E-RYT Meg Merriam!

    This night is all about you. Ask any questions you may have about trainings, get to know your trainers and mingle with fellow trainees!

    8pm // January 22nd // Victoria Park Studio

  • Private Corporate Class

  • Yoga Sculpt
  • Power flow just got hotter! Mix up the usual vinyasa flow with the addition of hand weights! This class is not only challenging, but we think you might even have some (or a lot of) fun in the process ;)

  • FreeStyle Flow
  • A little grow with the flow anyone? This dynamic class is designed to be purely authentic, funky and unpredictable! Every class will be a little different than the last- so leave your expectations and hesitations at the door and be prepared to move, explore and create some endless magic on your mat!

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